We started our story in 2018, we were looking for an equestrian backpack with a nice, functional design, and we didn't like the options we found, so we created it! and from October 2018 Ride and Ride Sportbags was born.
Our first season was in three colors and from the beginning, we have taken care of our limited editions, this season we it finished us in 4 months.
Our second season, we divided it into two parts, some colors were launched in May 2019 and others in October 2019, it has been very popular and there are already colors that They are finished.
Many customers have requested the shoe rack, which is our new product, designed following the same design of our backpack, expanding our product family,
Being within the equestrian world we know what are the basic needs that a rider requires to carry with him and we know the need to take care of and wear a helmet not only equestrian, but also to different sports activities or even work. Our backpack adapts to those activities.
We are proudly Mexican, made in León, Gto.
We will continue writing the story together, THANK YOU for being part of Ride and Ride Sportbags.